Spring Shoes, trampoline, or… bike? Or peddal bike?

Where I started looking:

About 350.00. Like because spring is not as convex.
328.61 dollars exact.

ON yahoo answers, there is good argument for power-strider model:Maintenence: The main component on jumping stilts that wears out is the rubber foot pad at the bottom of the stilt. Almost all the models require that you purchase the entire metal piece for new rubber. However, the PowerStrider model does have replaceable rubber footpads. Instead of having to disassemble and replace the whole leg, you simply remove and replace 4 small screws. Very easy! This can save you hundreds of dollars over the life of your stilts.

Need more info on knee-bar vs calf-cuff:

219.00 dollars:
Made more for jumping:

This model just looks like it is the best made:
This is the 158LB and up model. Think it would be better to get a bit
higher than my weight limit than close to the maximum weight limit.
This site also has good information:

Bike might work best for getting to work.
Though spring goes could be taken off and brought into office.


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