CMake SFML Notes:

Note: If you want to compile SFML with CMake, you need
to download the source directly from the GIT repo. I downloaded the source
from the SFML website. The option that said “ALL” and said it was source…

But the error CMake gave me suggests it was not the full source.
Topic: unknown cmake command sfml_add_library w/ vs 2015 & cmake 3.3.0  (Read 112 times)

I installed GIT, and cloned the SFML repo.
And used that repo as my source directory.

Also, if you get the error:
The source “C:/DEV/REPO/SFML/CMakeLists.txt”
does not match the source
used to generate cache.
Re-run cmake with a different source directory.

Possible Solution:
“rm – rf”

SOLUTION: Delete CMakeCache.txt
Delete CMakeCache.txt in the folder you executing cmake.

Another note: You don’t invoke MinGW with “MinGW” on the command line.
It is invoked: “g++”


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