De-Abbreviate: JPA, CDI, EJB, JAX-RS, CRUD, JSF, GWT

JPA = Java Persistance Programming
CDI = Contexts and Dependency Injection (@annotations)
EJB = Enterprise Java Beans
Server side software component that
encapsulates the business logic of an application.
JAX-RS = Java API for RESTFul web services… (Where is the X?)
@Path, @GET, @PUT, @POST, @DELETE, @HEAD (HTTP request type)
@PathParam, @QueryParam, @MatrixParam… (Other binding)
CRUD   = HTTP REST for Database records. (Passive entities)
“Create, Read, Update, Delete”
JSF    = Java Server Faces. (Standard for building server-side user interfaces)
GWT    = “Google Web Toolkit?”
GWT is a development toolkit for building and optimizing
complex browser-based applications.
JACKSON JSON: Library for automated serialization and de-serialization of java


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