OpenGL Where to now?

Did not get my triangle example working… What to do now:

This looks promising. But really way too complex.
I would like to find a simple openGL example:

Looks promising. Maybe the lower video numbers if I can
find them will help me finish the triangle I want to do
in openGL ES2.0:
Notes: Mipmapping – Different levels of texture are generated. Bi-linear filtering – Interpolates the four nearest texels Tri-linear filtering – Interpolates the 2 nearest mipmap levels Nearest-Neighbour filtering – Nearest texel is selected for the texture.

Quite Russian guy:

GlSurface View. Surface for drawing things.
OpenGLES, ES == Embedded Systems
@4:50 into the code. Getting onto the renderer.
@8:37: Only called first time we launch application.
Exceptions might be when screen is rotated. Pretty sure.
I recommend you watch this talk since you are also learning.

If you have a tutorial where you are drawing triangles to screen. I would like
to see it. I am trying to make a 2D tilemap in OpenGL ES2.0 but I know
nothing of it at the moment.

-John Mark

Hmm… if it is openGL on android. It will be openGL ES2.0
Try simplifying your search to:
“OpenGL Triangle”..
Found something:

Android OpenGL ES: Tutorial 1 – Triangle

Maybe eat a cup of noodles. Watch this.
Take notes. Not sure if I have the motivation to actually
do it today. But if I see something that sparks my interests.
Like a “AH! That might be it!” Then definitely will do it today.

-John Mark


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