Maven + IntelliJ + SWING

Looks promising.
Ah, this is specific to people who want to use IntelliJ’s GUI Builder to make
Swing applications that can work with Maven. With the problem being some of the
code made by GUI Builder is IntelliJ specific and thus a problem to decouple.

Lets do something simpler:
This live demo of GUI builder looks promising:

Note to self: JavaFX is replacing swing. So though swing skills may be a requirement for a job,
use JavaFX for personal projects.

Update: The video player for that jetbrains tutorial is infuriating.
Also: The IDE doesn’t match what I am looking at…

Okay… So I guess “Libraries” in this tutorial is a dated term and “modules” is the terminology now used in the IDE?
Also: This is infuriating:

So I finally figured out how to get the module/library imported that the video tutorial is talking about:

Select  “New Module” from the Project Structure menu. ^^^

The “jgoodies-forms.jar” file can be found in the “lib” folder of the IntelliJ install directory.

Okay… Now that I’ve figured all this out… I am going to try to keep on with the tutorial.
I feel like documenting like this wastes time. But if I don’t document I don’t get my frustration out.
And then I just end up trouble shooting for hours with nothing to show for it. This way I at least have
something to show for my efforts.

Well… That puts a monkey wrench into my plans! Maybe the libraries here are globally linked and don’t need to be imported and thus are not allowed to be imported? Maybe I can skip this step all together because the tutorial is super old and this step is no longer necessary?

Note to self: This is why you should never learn new technologies alone.
If I were with someone who knew this already, what is taking hours could take 3 minutes.


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